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November 14-16, 2022

What does zero-waste really look like?

White Oak Pastures is fiercely proud of operating with a zero-waste production system, utilizing each part of the animals that are butchered. The beef fat is rendered and crafted into tallow goods like soaps, salves, candles, and moisturizers. The hides from the grassfed cattle are either turned into leather products or rawhide pet chews. These products are handmade in the Makerspace, an artisan workshop in Bluffton, Georgia.

Come and learn how farmers are able to recognize additional revenue from items typically discarded at the processor. Customers who find value in meats from animals raised with care for high animal welfare also tend to enjoy small batch artisan goods.

You will receive hands-on designing, crafting, and production experience, as well as be educated on the best practices for product-management and marketing zero-waste products, directly from the "makers" on the farm.

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