Beef & Chicken Value Bundle

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We are always looking for ways to make shopping with us more convenient and valuable. This bundle brings together the flavors and quality of our grassfed and pasture-raised items at an affordable budget friendly price.

Bonus: Each box gets 4 FREE packs of pasture-raised chicken legs!

(2) Pastured Chicken Breast, Boneless/Skinless - 1-1.5 lb each
(2) Pastured Whole Chicken Wings - 1-1.5 lb each
(2) Pastured Chicken Legs - 1-1.5 lb each
(1) Grassfed Beef Sirloin Tip Roast - 2 lb. each
(2) Grassfed Beef NY Strip Steaks - 8 oz. each
(2) Grassfed Beef Bottom Round Steak - 1 lb. each
(2) Grassfed Beef Chuck Steak - 1 lb. each
(4) Grassfed Ground Beef (90/10) - 1 lb. each

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Note: We do recommend wet aging all of our steaks to break down the muscle fibers and create a more tender cut. Visit our blog linked here to learn more about our aging and cooking recommendations.

Curious about mRNA in our livestock? Read our statement linked here.

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