Wild Gulf Shrimp

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10 oz. Pack

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We are excited to announce our partnership with Sea2Table, a socially-responsible organization that closely parallels our core values. White Oak Pastures is proud to offer seafood that is flash-frozen to preserve the fresh flavor and texture, these products are traceable, delicious, and of the highest quality.

Shrimp is the most popular seafood in America, but the majority of shrimp Americans eat comes from unregulated, overseas industrial farms. Because our wild-caught Gulf Shrimp is untouched by antibiotics, preservatives, or chemicals, it cooks fast and tastes sweeter than other shrimp on the market. It arrives peeled and deveined, about 9 shrimp per serving or 18 per pack.

Check the traceability sticker on each individual pack for specific landing location and catch method!

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