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All White Oak Pastures Cowhide Rugs are made from grassfed cattle raised and butchered with high animal welfare on our sixth generation family farm. Using every part of the animals we raise is our commitment to the animals. Each year we handpick some of the most beautiful and unique cowhides to become statement hair-on pieces. We believe that being able to provide a high quality product to our customers is a great way to help us fully utilize each part of the animal while allowing you to support regenerative, sustainable, zero-waste farming practices.

Our cowhide rugs are currently SOLD OUT. Please check back soon!

These hides are salted (preserved) in the cooler fall and winter months here in South Georgia. Due to the possible changes in weather there is a chance of slight hair loss during the tanning process. We think this adds character to a hide that already carries such an incredible story. They are then sent to Pergamena, a multi-generation family-owned tannery, in New York to complete the tanning process.

PLEASE include the number of the cowhide you would like to purchase in the comment section of your order.
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