Backyard Butchery Workshop

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Farmstead Meatsmith is coming to White Oak Pastures!
October 7th and 8th
10am - 4pm both days

Participate in a complete pig harvest-by-hand, from slaughter-to-plate
(2) lunch meals will be provided by White Oak Pastures
Two afternoon meal experiences will be provided by Brandon Sheard:  Our education is full-scale, covering: facilities & equipment acquisition; natural (no-nitrite) meat preservation; traditional cookery; knife-in-hand training all day; photography and film-taking are expected and encouraged all day.
Two full days of hand-butchering instruction on a domestic scale with a zero-waste harvest. 
Day One will involve the slaughter process. Day Two includes the break-down of the pig, with traditional butchery and curing methods.

Watch and participate with hands-on activity as Brandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith demonstrates - step-by-step - the start-to-finish methods needed, 
utilizing techniques of utmost respect and reverence for the animal and the process.

The course is all-immersive, and each day includes a unique meal experience prepared directly on-site, with accompanying sides provided by
 White Oak Pastures. This first-hand learning will be a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity available through this special first-time collaboration.