CFAR Solar Grazing Workshop

CFAR Solar Grazing Workshop

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April 24-26, 2023

Content for the three-day long experience includes:

o    A tour of all solar grazing sites:

o    Previously grazed and yet-to-be-grazed paddocks visible for comparison.

o    Discussion/demonstration of how sensitive solar equipment is protected from grazing animals

o    Site-specific discussion of how animals are delivered, loaded, and handled while on-site (Portable handling equipment? Loading ramps/chutes? Truck/trailer turnaround space?)

o    Demonstration/discussion of watering methods and equipment

o    Discussion of grazing goals (forage quality, soil improvement, forage height relative to solar panels, etc.)

o    Discuss signage and on-site public engagement (safety, PR, education, etc.)

o    What are the goals and priorities of the owner/manager of a solar site for a solar grazing program?

o    From the perspective of solar site owners/managers, what characteristics make for an ideal solar grazing vendor?

o    What is a typical sheep stocking rate, and how is it affected by seasonality, precipitation, and forage type?

o    How often is an increase or decrease in the stocking rate necessary? How dramatic are the swings?

o    What animal classes work best for solar grazing (e.g., dry ewes, weaned lambs)?

o    Is lambing on a solar grazing site recommended? Why or why not?

o    How do you integrate solar grazing into your farm's production system and schedule? Do solar grazing timeframes and objectives ever conflict with your farm's timeframes and goals?

o    Are livestock guardian dogs recommended?

o    What provisions should be considered for inclusion in a solar grazing contract?    What fee structure and business practices does White Oak Pastures use and recommend?

o    Ins and Outs of contracts with solar site

o    If a solar grazing vendor is consulted during the design phase of a solar site, what features or facilities should they recommend be included to make solar grazing easier, more effective, or more efficient? For example, running water on-site, a particular alley width between solar panels, a specific style of solar equipment, and a unique forage mix. 

o    Other than sheep, what other enterprises can be successfully integrated into a solar grazing project, including an overview of the WOP grant for panels with cattle? 

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