Corn and Soy Free Chicken: Whole

Corn and Soy Free Chicken: Whole

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3 to 4 lb. Bird

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After four weeks in the brooder, these birds were set on pasture where they received a Non-GMO diet without corn and soy. These birds are true omnivores, which foraged our farm for bugs and grubs in the soil. Sold individually, our whole birds weigh 3 - 4 pounds each.

Certifications: Non-GMO, Certified Humane, Certified EOV

*These birds did receive corn and soy in the the first 4 weeks of their lives. This first batch of birds was a trial to be sure we could grow them successfully on pasture. Now that we know we can, we are working towards a starter feed that will not contain corn and soy to use in the brooder for future sets of birds.

Does not include gizzards.