Pet Gift Box


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We created these pet chew bundles as a convenient way to present pets of all shapes and sizes with a special gift that's sure to make their tails wag a little harder.

Small Breed Pet Bundle Includes:

  • 4" roll bag
  • 4x4 sq bag
  • Beef Trachea Bag
  • Chicken Head Bag
  • Beef Esophagus Bag

Medium Breed Pet Bundle Includes:

  • 8" roll bag
  • Rawhide Sampler
  • Beef Spleen Bag
  • Poultry Platter
  • Duck Head Bag

Large Breed Pet Bundle Includes:

  • 10" roll bag
  • Rawhide Sampler
  • Turkey Head Bag
  • Farmer's Delight
  • Beef Tripe Bag