Pasture Raised Whole Turkey

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Our pasture-raised whole turkeys are a delicious tradition, and we know you'll agree. Each year, we receive numerous glowing reviews from customers who describe them as "clean" and "flavorful" birds. Serving your friends and family something you can be proud of makes the occasion so much more special.

CLICK HERE for a delicious Pavo a la Catalana holiday style recipe!

Important Notes:

  • If you notice dark-colored spots on your bird, please don't be alarmed! This is very common in slow-growing birds that have dark feathers. In fact, it's simply clusters of pigment in the skin which will fade during cooking. The meat is delicious and safe to consume. 

    Commodity birds have white feathers, so the clusters of pigment are not near as visible, which is why you might not have noticed them before.

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