"Get to Know Your Processor" - Butchering at a Meat Abattoir

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Saturday, September 10th
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Class size is limited to 15 people.

Come and learn from Brian Sapp, White Oak Pastures Director of Operations, as we cover the mechanics of having an on-farm processing facility. A meat "abattoir" is a slaughterhouse facility, set up for commercial use. We might process on a smaller-scale than most industrial-raised meat, but we still have amazing tools and technology that help us do what we do, safely and efficiently. Participants will learn about our animal welfare-focused harvesting process as well as the breakdown of beef and pork products for both wholesale and retail. 

Please note: This is a demonstration workshop where participants will learn from employees of White Oak Pastures. Hands-on use of machinery and other processing tools will not be permitted for event participants. 

This demonstration will involve beef and pork. It will not be a demonstration on how to break down an animal in your backyard. For education on slow breakdown by hand and kitchen curing methods, please see our October event "Backyard Butchery" presented by Farmstead Meatsmith by following this link here
Cabin and RV park lodging options online at: https://whiteoakpastures.com/pages/farm-cabins