CFAR: Session 4, March 7 - 11, 2022

Will Harris has always said, "I have 12 favorite months of the year." But, for the rest of us, Summers get mighty warm and Winters get relatively chilly. The changing of the seasons, Spring and Fall, are usually the most comfortable times of the year. Our fourth CFAR session will be March 7 - 11, 2022. and we are looking forward to sharing great content with a diverse group.

We will gather in Bluffton, Georgia on Monday afternoon (3/7) for a brief overview of White Oak Pastures and the content presented throughout the week. Each day will begin with a farm-cooked breakfast and end with an equally delicious farm-fresh supper. The days will be spent with a fair balance between classroom learning and outdoor, pasture observation. We are grateful to have Tre Cates of nRhythm to moderate our sessions thought out the week. We are also excited to welcome back Maria Soledad of Agency 21 for a farm fresh feast!

Our session expert for this March session is Seth Itzkan, Co-Founder of Soil4Climate. Soil4Climate is a global movement made up of heroes like you who are championing soil as a climate solution. We communicate the science, policy, and practices of restoring soil to capture carbon, replenish water tables, produce healthy food, reverse desertification, mitigate conflict in dryland areas, and, in general, provide promise for a bountiful and life affirming future. You make is all possible and we thank you for it. Please join our Facebook group and share your voice there.

We look forward to the four day session and hope you will consider joining us. Please apply here, scholarships available.