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Will Harris frequently appears on YouTube Channels and Podcasts to be a source of transparent and reliable information about animal welfare, regenerative farming, and rural revival. We know how important it is to reach conscious consumers wherever open-minded, science-based conversations are happening.

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In the News

Joe Rogan Experience #1893

Listen as Will Harris joins the Joe Rogan Experience.

Will Harris is a fourth-generation cattleman and farmer. He's the owner of White Oak Pastures: a family farm utilizing regenerative agriculture and humane animal husbandry practices.

Good Morning America

Interview on Turkey Production This Year

With all the talk this season about turkey production, we were invited on Good Morning America this week to talk about how to reserve your bird for Thanksgiving this year.

Good Morning America with White Oak Pastures


The Biggest Ideas in Farming Today Are Also the Oldest

Georgia cattle raiser Will Harris left behind the destructive techniques of modern agriculture, charting a new path forward for the livestock industry.

Written By: Amanda Little
Carnivore Cast White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

Joe Rogan Experience #1389

In the process of debunking the film Gamechangers, Joe and Chris Kresser talk about the myths and misleading environmental claims used by fake meat companies to justify their expansion of carbon-emitting agribusiness. During the wide-ranging conversation, they discuss White Oak Pastures groundbreaking Life Cycle Analysis showing our cattle sequester 3.5 lbs of carbon for every pound of grassfed beef produced. Along the way, they make several insightful points about overall animal welfare (biodiversity) and soil health.

CNN Vital Signs with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Watch as Will Harris debunks the fake meat industry’s impossible claims on CNN International ‘The Future Of Meat’ by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Joe Rogan Experience #1784

Listen as Diana and Robb incorporate White Oak Pastures' rural revival and regenerative practices into the conversation with Joe Rogan.

Diana Rodgers is a registered dietitian, nutritionist, and host of the "Sustainable Dish" podcast. Robb Wolf is a former research biochemist, author, and co-host of "The Healthy Rebellion" radio podcast, alongside his wife Nicki Violetti. They are the co-authors of "Sacred Cow: The Case for (Better) Meat," a companion book to the documentary of the same name.

Super Human Radio

Re-learning Balance for Health + Alternatives To Turkey for Thanksgiving

On this episode of Super Human Radio, listen as host Carl Lanore walks through the realities of Thanksgiving this year. With national news sources indicating that turkeys will be in short supply, learn as Carl and Wes Ruff from White Oak Pastures discuss those realities and other options that are readily available to make a good meal for your friends and families. They discuss the commitment that White Oak Pastures has to the land, to people, to the animals, and how this can benefit your family as well!

Getting Ahead of It 

Watch Will Harris and Nick de Vries of Silicon Ranch examine the various plant species and root structures thriving on the land and review the already-visible outcomes of early action taken via Regenerative Energy® at the future site of Clay Solar Ranch. 

Sustainable Dish

Sustainable Dish Episode 164: Will Harris on regenerative farming at White Oak Pastures

In 1995, Will made the bold decision to stop using industrialized farming methods at White Oak Pastures and instead return his operation to the traditional farming techniques used by his forefathers.

Today, White Oak Pastures operates as a living ecosystem that is holistically managed and proudly zero-waste – all while employing 155+ people and helping to revitalize the small town of Bluffton, GA.  

Listen Now 

Sustainable Dish Podcast

Climate & Capital Media

Is there a place for beef in a climate-friendly future?

Eating beef. A guilty pleasure at best for climate-concerned carnivores. But it’s bad, right?

 Jenni Harris, part of a fifth-generation to make her living on the White Oak Pastures family farm says, categorically: Nope.

“I believe that the earth evolved into this pretty green-blue planet teeming with life because of animal impact and I don’t think we can maintain this really pretty green-blue planet without animal impact,” she says. “I think that our farm is proof of that.” 

Written by: Kari Huus
Read the full article here

Climate & Capital Media on WOP

AgEmerge Podcast

Episode 057: Will Harris - White Oak Pastures

In 1995, Will made the audacious decision to return to the farming methods his great-grandfather had used 130 years before. Today, we get to journey with Will to understand the mindset, work, and fortitude it takes to risk it all and successfully implement these farming practices.

Super Human Radio

Cattle Ranching that's Better for the Planet

What if raising cattle could actually be better for the planet than growing fruits and veggies? Well, there's a way to do that without sacrificing quality and taste. White Oak Pastures beef in fact tastes better and is no more expensive than any other beef out there. Would you buy that beef over another? Lets help change the world together.

Southern Soil Magazine

White Oak Pastures: Closing the Loop

When it comes to transitioning a farm from conventional to regenerative practices, there is likely no better example than White Oak Pastures. Within a single generation, the farm has gone from a monoculture cog in the industrial-agriculture machine to a living, breathing, closed-loop symbiotic ecosystem where multiple types of livestock thrive.

Carnivore Cast White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

Santa Barbara Independent

Farming for the Future at Jalama Canyon Ranch

Matt Kettmann interviews Will Harris from White Oak Pastures on the success of regenerative farming. He brings this insight into his article - White Buffalo Land Trust Leads Regenerative Agriculture Project on 1,000-Acre Property.

Carnivore Cast White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

Successful Farming

40 SEASONS: Farm Transformed

A focus on building soil changes row crop farm into a climate-friendly, meat-producing center. 

“Even on fields where we started making changes 25 years ago, the soil just keeps getting better. It’s more productive, has more soil life, has greater water percolation, and produces more diverse species of plants.” - Will Harris

Successful Farming Article

Talk Farm to Me

Straight Talk with Farmer Will Harris of White Oak Pastures

Farmer Will Harris transformed his third generation family farm from a monoculture factory farm to a regenerative multi-species farm that is no longer dependent on commodity structures or industrial fertilizer. He learned a thing or two along the way that he's willing to share. Farmer Will Harris wrote an open letter to billionaire Bill Gates whose status as the largest owner of US farmland recently came to light. We discuss what many are calling a "land grab" by Gates and what the technology magnate might learn from what Will Harris has done on his farm, White Oak Pastures in rural Bluffton, Georgia.
Carnivore Cast White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

Sustainable Food Trust

Will Harris - White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

Will shares the rich history of White Oak Pastures and explains how the coronavirus has affected the farm's sales. They also discuss the principles of regenerative agriculture, soil building, and the farm's fully integrated supply chain.


Will Harris - White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

The Carnivore Cast is a podcast focused on the carnivore diet and lifestyle with practical advice from successful carnivores, citizen scientists, and top researchers answering your burning questions and meaty topics.
Carnivore Cast White Oak Pastures and Regenerative Agriculture

Bitter Southerner Podcast

Bonus Episode: Jamón, Y’all

In Partnership with America’s Test Kitchen. In a special bonus episode of The Bitter Southerner Podcast, editor-in-chief Chuck Reece talks to native Southerner Bridget Lancaster of public television’s “America's Test Kitchen” and shares a story from her podcast called “Proof.” In it, reporter Maya Kroth looks at how a Spanish pig is changing Southern farmlands. She meets Georgia farmer Will Harris, who is upping the South’s pork game by introducing Iberian pigs to the United States. These pigs are the source of jamón ibérico, a precious cured ham produced in Spain.
The Bitter Southerner Podcast

Robb Wolf The Healthy Rebellion Radio Podcast

Robb Wolf of The Healthy Rebellion Radio podcast interviewed Will Harris of White Oak Pastures. Will talks about the power of regenerative farms to bring economic vitality back to their communities.

The Healthy Rebellion Radio Podcast

Revolution Health Radio

How Sustainably Raised Cattle Help the Environment, with Will Harris. Chris Kresser and Will debunk the claim that beef production is always harmful to the environment. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Why White Oak Pastures practices sustainable agriculture
  • How sustainable land management impacts carbon emissions
  • The problem with monocultures
  • What holistic, sustainable land management looks like
  • Animal welfare in sustainable agriculture
  • How sustainable agriculture impacts the community
  • What the life-cycle analysis showed about White Oak Pastures
  • Feeding the world with sustainable farming

The Meatcast by EPIC Provisions

If you’re interested in a deeper look at EPIC’s sourcing, this is the episode for you. Our main guest is Will Harris from White Oak Pastures, the gold standard of EPIC's ranching/farming partners. Will and I cover the following topics and plenty more in only the way Will Harris can…

  • His switch from industrial farming to regenerative agriculture
  • Why my lawn looks like shit
  • Why today’s food “revolution” is dependent on the consumer
  • Why the NYTimes and NPR’s Planet Money recently visited the farm
  • Will’s disdain for big company cowardice
The Meatcast by EPIC Provisions

Primal Edge Health

Thanks to Primal Ege Health for inviting Will Harris to discuss the important differences between regenerative farming and how industrially-farmed proteins are produced. Will also tells the story of how our carbon-negative Life Cycle Assessment was conducted.

Human Performance Outliers

In this episode, Will Harris from White Oaks Pastures joins the show to explain how he used vertical integration methods to create a carbon sink that produces a negative carbon output on the White Oak Pastures farm.

Human Performance Outliers Podcast

Strong Sistas

Tune in as Ashely Armstrong speaks with Will Harris of White Oak Pastures in Bluffton Georgia, on the benefits of regenerative farming. Learn what monoculture farming is and why it is detrimental to the environment. Gain an understanding of the origins of pesticides and why “Radically Traditional Farming” practices, as Mr. Harris would put it, is the answer for our families, communities and indeed for our planet.

Sustainable Dish

Will Harris of White Oak Pastures, about changes in farming over the generations, what's important at White Oak Pastures, and the moral and environmental arguments for meat-eating.

Sustainable Dish Podcast

Quivira Coalition

Converting From Industrial To Regenerative Agriculture: White Oak Pastures

Since the end of the civil war, White Oak Pastures has been in the Harris family, but their farming practices have ranged from 19th-century subsistence farming to post-war industrial agriculture — and now larger scale regenerative farming. Will Harris has created a closed-loop, no-waste farm, whose goals include providing healthy food raised in a healthy manner, humane animal welfare practices, and revitalization of the rural community where they’re rooted.
Down to Earth Podcast

The Farm Report Ep. 197

“Cows were born to roam and graze; hogs were born to root and wallow; chicken were born to scratch and peck. All these are instinctive behaviors that are inborn, and when we create the factory farm environment, we deprive these animals of that opportunity.” [14:15] Will Harris on The Farm Report

The Farm Report

Source for Tomorrow - The Future of Beef

Questions have been raised for years about the sustainability of cattle farming. Learn from Will Harris, 4th generation land steward of White Oak Pastures about how his farm faces the challenges that factory farming has introduced into the environment. By using regenerative farming methodologies, Will and his family have been able to build a holistic scenario in which cattle are raised humanely and the impact to the environment is healthy and strong. He's taken his farm back to methods that are natural and healthy for the land and the land is better off for it!

Oxford Real Farming

Many grass-fed/regenerative farmers have been “going against the grain” for years. There are signs this is changing as more farmers are looking at regenerative techniques, especially with changing subsidies in the UK. US ranchers Doniga Markegard and Will Harris are leading the field when it comes to grass-based farming systems and regenerative land management.

In this session, Guardian journalist, Phoebe Weston, will discuss the and rewards of moving away from intensive techniques towards systems that work more with nature. Also, how farmers should be encouraged to move to more nature-friendly methods how industry and governments should be supporting such a transition.

Organic Association of Kentucky

Learn how 4th generation land steward, Will Harris, successfully took his family ranch on a journey from monoculture farming to vertically integrated traditional farming methods. This journey started in 1995 and has been very successful. White Oak Pastures is now recognized as a leader in regenerative agriculture and humane animal treatment methodologies.

This presentation was part of OAK's 10th Annual Organic Farming Conference on January 26-30, 2021.

Huddle Haven

Tune in for the Huddle Haven podcast, Episode 31 where Jenni Harris of White Oak Pastures in Bluffton Georgia discusses why “Radically Traditional Farming” practices are good for livestock, the land and our communities.

Jenni, her family, and team believe radically traditional farming creates products that are better for our land, our livestock and our village. White Oak Pastures is fiercely proud of our zero-waste production system that utilizes each part of the animals they pasture-raise and hand-butcher on the farm.

As the Director of Marketing, Jenni spends her time focusing on the balance of e-commerce growth and wholesale relationships. She gives us a wonderful perspective of how we can all do our part to heal our planet…and tells a beautiful story, leaving all to treasure…there’s no place like home!

Huddle Haven with Jenni Harris

Source for Tomorrow - Q&A

Will Harris engages in a conversation with Carys Bennett, PhD, Senior Corporate Liaison, PETA and Rachel Dreskin, US Executive Director, CIWF around the future of the beef industry. He chronicles how he led his farm away from industrialized farming methods in 1995 to a healthier, holistic approach. Gain an understanding of how the cattle industry can be a vital component of a healthy environment globally when expanded holistically. 

Fai Farms

Will Harris talks to Ffinlo Costain about his life as a commodity cattleman and what made him change the way he farms. He describes the dark early days and reflects on how his success brought his family back home, and breathed new life into his community.

He explains why he gets fed up with scientists, who 'bicker and fight all the time' over how to measure carbon, when the benefits are there in the ground for all to see. Will also offers up words of wisdom for President Biden's new Agriculture Secretary.

Listen to Farm Gate, Episode 34
The one with Will Harris

Will Harris



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A film by Joe York about Jenni Harris of White Oak Pastures Farm in Bluffton, Georgia. Produced by the Southern Foodways Alliance.

Chef Jonah Miller and Kurt Oriol of Iberian Pastures

In 2015, Will Harris partnered with Jaime & Kurt Oriol to form Iberian Pastures and be among the first to welcome Iberian Hogs, a Spanish national treasure, to the United States. In this video chef Jonah Miller, from Huertas NYC prepares 4 different dishes using Iberico Pork Presa, Bacon, Fresh Chorizo, and Papada (Jowl Bacon). When trying our Iberico Pork for the first time, you can be sure that you will experience the delicious marbling and umami flavor of Iberico finished on pecans, peanuts, and sunflower. You'll also be making a conscious decision to support regenerative farming.

How to Cook Grassfed Beef and Bone Broth Stew: Halloween Edition!

This Halloween, what could be more frightening than an empty stomach? Fill up on this delicious Grassfed Beef and Bone Broth Stew to keep the hunger ghouls at bay!

The Battle of the Burgers: Plant Based Protein vs 100% Grass Fed Beef

We set out to tackle one of today's most popular questions: Do plant-based burgers taste like real meat? How would a popular brand of plant-based burgers fare in a taste test against our 100% grassfed beef burgers? We took the challenge to 28 volunteers to find out! The results probably won't surprise you.

Unboxing White Oak Pastures Complete Breakfast Kit

This Halloween, what could be more frightening than an empty stomach? Fill up on this delicious Grassfed Beef and Bone Broth Stew to keep the hunger ghouls at bay!