Grassfed Beef Sirloin Steak

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16 oz. Steak

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A steak well suited for a variety of preparations, grassfed sirloin can be enjoyed in many ways. If you want a steak that is lean and rich in Old World flavor, the top sirloin offers both. The top sirloin is the place where Paleo and low fat join together. We highly recommend aging it in your refrigerator for 21 days. This process weakens the tight muscle fibers and results in a more juicy, tender steak!

Our boneless sirloin steaks each weigh 16 ounces. 

*We do recommend aging all of our steaks to break down the muscle fibers and create a more tender cut. Visit our blog linked here to learn more about our aging and cooking recommendations.

Curious about mRNA in our livestock? Read our statement linked here.

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