Equine At White Oak Pastures

Horses in the pasture

Explore our sprawling farm in a natural, peaceful way - on horseback!

White Oak Pastures has so many unique experiences to offer. While Equine Trail Rides may be familiar to some, we are certain that our scenery will be quite different from any other trail ride you have experienced. 

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Meet Our Horses

Meet Doc

*Trail Horse*

Doc is a 16-year-old registered Bay Quarter Horse gelding. He is known for being the sweetest horse at White Oak Pastures! His walk, trot, and canter are incredibly smooth. He likes to be in front on trail rides. He’s an incredibly fun and safe horse for riders of all experience levels. When Doc isn’t taking part in trail rides, he enjoys spending his time in the pasture hanging out with his best friend, Oakley the mini horse.

Meet Gabe

*Trail Horse*

Gabe is a 20-year-old Black Appaloosa gelding. He is the second tallest horse at White Oak Pastures. He is curious, a good listener, and enjoys trying to sneakily snack on grass during trail rides. He is a long-legged horse, so he’s usually near the front on trail rides. He's a very safe horse, fit for all kinds of riders, though he is best suited to riders who are over 5’4. When not going on trail rides, Gabe enjoys snacking on peppermints and drinking sweet tea!

Meet Chester

*Trail Horse*

Chester is a 22-year-old Bay Quarter Horse gelding. He is a sweet, stocky old man, who is safe for riders of allexperience levels. He likes to stroll along nice and slowon trail rides and can usually be found at the back of the line. For riders looking for a calm, easy ride,Chester is your horse! When he’s not doing trail rides,Chester enjoys spending his time lounging in the shadein his pasture and eating hay.

Meet Apache

*Guide Horse* 

Apache is a 26-year-old registered American Paint Horse gelding.He is a retired barrel racer! Apache is stubborn and not quite suitable for all riders. He is a talented, sweet horse who loves peppermints. When not giving trail rides, Apache enjoys spending his time in the pasture with his buddies, munching on grass all day.

Meet Birdie

*Guide Horse*

Birdie is a 15-year-old Grey Percheron mare. She is White Oak Pastures' biggest horse, as well as the biggest animal on the farm coming in at 1,720lbs!You may spot Birdie in the horse pastures or being ridden by the Equine Department’s experienced riders. Birdie is strictly a guide horse. She is sweet and curious about people. She spends most of her time relaxing in the field and enjoying her time with her buddies.

Meet Oakley

Pony – Weight Limit 40lbs

 Oakley is a 30-year-old Miniature Horse gelding. He does not go on trail rides, but he can often be spotted giving pony rides and beginner riding lessons to small children. Oakley is super friendly; he loves meeting new people and eating treats. Oakley spends most of his time in the pasture with his BFF, Doc!

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